Budgets are an integral part of running any business efficiently and effectively, it is an important process for the company’s medium and long-term planning and control. It is the main commitment to results, and for this, the company needs to define its assumptions, possible macroeconomic scenarios, sales growth targets, market penetration, investments and expenses.

Our methodology is based on helping companies with the above definitions, in addition to developing budget reports and monthly follow-ups, monitoring whenever necessary, so that Sales and Costs commitments are achieved, and direct and indirect expenses are controlled.

These assumptions are related to projected sales trends, cost trends, and the overall economic outlook of the market, industry, or sector. Specific factors affecting potential expenses are addressed and monitored.

We develop the budget for all the different subsidiaries, divisions, and departments within an organization, and it get rolled up into the master budget, which also includes budgeted financial statements, forecasts of cash inflows and outflows, and an overall financing plan.

In addition to the annual budget, we help to create a 5-year plan, establishing a clear guideline of where the Company intends to go, considering an optimistic scenario and a conservative scenario as well.