Investment analysis consists on the application of financial and accounting techniques, in order to identify the feasibility of applying capital to the company at a given time and project. Thus, it is necessary to be cautious and use the right methods so that managers can have the best decision making.

Our methodology takes into account the risks involved in the project, whether those of an economic or marketing nature. It examines how specific variables are impacted in response to changes in other variables and it is used to predict the results of a decision in response to a certain variety of variables.

Another important point is the analysis carried out after the acquisition of the project.

Doing that, we are able to estimate the return obtained on the project – positive or negative – and the company can easily identify the financial reality of the project, making a comparison on actual vs predefined outcomes.

As a result, if the outcome is not favorable the company will be able to create and put in place action plans to reverse the situation and solve the problem quickly.