Who we are

PROTHAID has emerged from the great synergy, experience and knowledge of the partners, who worked together for 5 years at Darrow Laboratories and then at Pierre Fabre Group.

The name PROTHAID, which means PROFIT in Gaelic, a language originally spoken in Scotland, arose out of admiration gained from professional experience of the partners in the UK, as well as the relentless pursuit of maximizing company results.

We are a Brazilian corporate finance and business strategy consultancy organization, our experience and knowledge can help your business.

We have the right fit, right away. Remote or on-site – no matter your need, we’ve got highly skilled professional ready-to-go.

Whether you need a consulting solution for managing your business and resourcing challenges, we can help you get it right.

Our executives have extensive experience on Business Strategy and Corporate Finance your business requires:

  • Business planning,
  • Operational and financial restructuring processes,
  • Financial feasibility analysis,
  • Budgeting,
  • Reporting and KPIs management,
  • Valuation,
  • Funding solution and
  • Cost structure / pricing.

Regardless of how big your company is or operating segment, we work with sophisticated financial methodologies and processes that can be applied to your company.


Our mission is to deliver knowledge and promote development on organizations and their employees, so they can become more competitive, human and productive in order to obtain consistent financial results.


To be known as a great corporate finance and strategy consulting firm, acting in partnership with our clients’ team – from strategy to implementation – always working in collaboration with the sustainable growth of its business.


  • Constantly seek ways to promote and improve our customers’ business.
  • Always listen and respect the opinion and knowledge of others.
  • Seek transparency in relationships with employees, customers and suppliers, always.
  • Provide quality services at competitive and fair prices, with maximum efficiency.
  • We see employees as the means to make real and deep changes, motivate and achieve great results.